Too many simple technologies are ignored by the fitness industry. Instead of focusing on the basic needs of the everyday fitness professional, tech companies are serving the mass market with high tech wearables while leading fitness brands cloud the web with cookie-cutter promotions that mainly serve themselves. There is a growing technological gap between fitness professionals and the ripe market of clients that want and need the extra guidance, structure, and help to improve multiple facets of a healthier lifestyle.

FIT, Inc. is bridging this technological gap by integrating efficient concepts of social networking, digital media, and eLearning into the world of fitness coaching. We are on a mission to build a more rewarding and clear online fitness ecosystem by manipulating simple technologies available today, and developing the Fitness Integrated Technologies of the future. Join our newsletter to be notified about our feature releases and promotions. Reach out to us if you’re interested in how you can be involved in our early development.

How will you help pioneer Fitness Integrated Technologies?

Solidify your brand’s online presence. Manage and empower your roster of specialists. Diversify the value you offer to your loyal patrons and reach broader markets.

Maximize your coaching potential with our instructional guidelines and editing tools. Organize and your programs with click and drag calendar templates, and assigning training plans with shared calendars.

Find the right coach, program, or instructional content with ease by browsing our FiT Categories and Tags. Log workouts and meals from your phone, and track progress with goal related metrics and ratings.

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A clearer and more rewarding online fitness ecosystem:

  • Click and drag calendar program templates

  • Shared training calendars and instant messaging

  • Open market for buying and selling published offers

  • Optimized branding images, categories, and metatags

  • Dashboard to manage offers, content, and interactions

  • Instructional media guides and photo and video editing tools

We’re Not Recreating The Wheel of Fitness. We’re Just Fixing The Flat Tire.

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